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The video KYC facility further streamlines the process and sends the chequebook and ATM card to the customer’s registered address. government sector On Tuesday, Indian Bank announced the debut of its Video KYC (know your customer) service, which enables applicants to open accounts from any location using the company’s Video-Based Customer Identification Process (VCIP) technology. Indian Bank stated in a statement that the effort will eliminate the requirement for a human visit to any bank office to complete the physical verification process that is already in place.

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Indian Bank introduces a video KYC service made possible by VCIP technology. The chequebook and ATM card would be sent to the customer’s registered address via the Video KYC facility, which was created in collaboration with Gieom Business Solutions.

Indian Bank eKYC Update Form

After completing the initiation processes, customers can proceed to deposit the required minimum balance via offline or online means and conduct transactions without any problems utilising an ATM card and mobile banking.

The inauguration of Indian Bank’s Video KYC facility, which will use the most recent VCIP technology to improve customer convenience and experience, is a monumental occasion, according to the bank’s MD and CEO, Shanti Lal Jain.

“We will gradually extend this facility to all appropriate services; in addition, this should greatly broaden our reach and promote financial inclusion. In the direction of digitization, “said he.

A valid mobile number, email address, PAN card, an Aadhaar number that is connected to a mobile number, and access to a computer with a camera and a microphone are requirements to use the Video KYC service.

The process verifies the applicant’s credentials using data from UIDAI, a video call initiated by a bank staff, and the OTP used to register a mobile number, the statement said.

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