UCO Bank Address Change Form, How to Change Address in UCO Account? Online & Offline

How to Change Address in UCO Bank Account Change Address in UCO Bank Account: Savings account lets in you to preserve your cash in a secure location in which you earn an hobby every month in this money. One can deposit or withdraw the budget on this account each time he wishes. It may be opened by any character.

UCO Bank Address Change

As the address referred to to your bank passbook or account declaration serves as a evidence of address, it is always a terrific exercise for all the clients to test the cope with noted to your passbook and hold it up to date in their financial institution accounts if you want to keep away from any problem and conversation hole.

UCO Bank Address Change Form

Download Change Address in Savings Account in UCO Bank Account PDF Format

If you are already having your financial savings bank account in UCO Bank Account, you can require, at some point of time, to alternate your deal with on your account with UCO Bank Account, in case it needs updating.

Why to Change the Address in Bank Account?

You need to change your address so that:

• You do not miss out any crucial conversation sent with the aid of the bank to your cope with.
• Address referred to in financial institution’s announcement or financial institution passbook is conventional as Proof of Address.
• Banks send Debit Card or PIN or Cheque Book or Statement of Account in this deal with most effective.

Reasons in the back of Changing the Address in Uco Bank Account

You may also want to exchange or update your cope with on your account in any of the subsequent situations:

  • Your correspondence cope with is changed now.
  • Old address is still acting for your financial institution account.
  • Your address acting on your account is incorrect or incomplete.
  • Your deal with on your bank account isn’t always performing in any respect.
  • You may additionally have shifted to a brand new place.
  • Someone else’s cope with is acting in region of your cope with.
  • Any other purpose

In order to exchange deal with your Savings account, you may be involved to realize how to change Address in Savings Account in Uco Bank Account? It’s very smooth to get your deal with changed to your account and also you simply need to comply with a few steps for the equal.

How to Change Address in Savings Account in Uco Bank Account

If you’ve got a Savings account with Uco Bank Account and involved to recognise how to change the deal with on your account, then following are the steps will need to follow:

(1) Visit Bank’s Home Branch of your Savings Account

You need to go to the house department of your account along with your Proof of latest cope with.

(2) Fill up the Change of Address Form (KYC Details Change Form ) of Uco Bank Account

In order to trade deal with your financial institution account, the first step is to replenish Change of Address Form. This is likewise referred to as ‘KYC Details Change Form’. Mostly banks have their trendy KYC Details Change shape.

You can both download it from financial institution’s website or as a substitute, you can visit your HOME department, get the Change of Address (KYC Details Change) Form and fill it up properly. After which you want to signal it and publish it to the branch manager/ officer-in-price. Please be aware that if there’s/ are any joint holder/s on your account, all want to sign the account Change of Address Form.

You are also required to mention old cope with at the side of the new address on this shape. Don’t forget about to mention your contact wide variety in this shape

(3) Cross test the details crammed within the Change of Address Form

Before filing the address change shape, you need to pass test the information filled in the shape. You need to verify whether or not following required fields have well been filled n by way of you:

  • Bank Account Number
  • Name of Account Holder/s
  • Type of Account
  • Old Address
  • New Address (As per proof attached)
  • Contact Number

It may be very important to check these info, so that there won’t be any trouble on your bank to trade/ replace your address.

(4) Attach Proof of New Address to Change of Address Form

All the holders of the account need to attach a replica of evidence of new address to the Change of Address form. New Address Proof need to be of the First Account Holder handiest. The account holders can also be requested to self attest it.

The banker verifies the files submitted by way of you and if he/ she unearths all the matters are correct he will be given your software. After due verification of the credentials, your banker will technique the request.

You may additionally ask your banker as to how tons time will it take to alternate your cope with on your bank account so you can confirm cope with exchange is affected after that point.

(5) Confirm the deal with is changed in your account

You should confirm that the address is changed on your account either through phone call or thru traveling your branch

(6) Get new deal with printed for your bank’s Passbook

  • You should get new cope with published in your financial institution’s Passbook once it is up to date for your bank account.
  • If you follow above steps, you would be able to alternate the address to your bank account in a trouble loose way.

Documents Used as a Proof of Address

  • Passport
  • Voter’s Identity Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Telephone bill(latest)
  • Bank account statement
  • Letter from any recognized public authority
  • Electricity bill (latest)
  • Ration Card
  • Letter from employer (subject to satisfaction of the bank)
  • Other Bank pass books
  • Self declaration by High Court & Supreme Court Judges giving the new address in respect of their own accounts
  • Identity card/ Document with applicant’s photo, issued by:
    1. Central / State
    2. Statutory/ Regulatory authorities
    3. Public Sector undertakings
    4. Scheduled Commercial Bank
    5. Colleges affiliated to Universities (this can be treated as valid only till the time the applicant is a student)
    6. Professional bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, ICSI & Bar Council etc to their members

Important Points regarding Change of Address in Uco Bank Account Savings Account

  • For exchange of cope with for your savings account, you need to visit that department of the financial institution wherein you had opened your account.
  • Don’t neglect to deliver the unique files for financial institution’s verification cause.
  • The address cited in Change of Address Form must exactly be similar to that of proof given.
  • All the account holders have to sign the Change of Address Form.
  • Don’t overlook to mention your contact info like cell wide variety, even supposing it is no longer changed.
  • Don’t overlook to verify that the address exchange in your account is affected.
  • Get your modified address printed/ up to date on your financial institution passbook.
  • Take an acknowledgement of request given for exchange of address from the financial institution.